How To Shrink Stomach Without Diet and Sports

To have a good body and beautiful, always identified with regular exercise and a strict diet. In general, women who often do so even though men also had much to do such a thing to shrink the stomach. Various means adopted to obtain a proportional body, such as going to the gym, go to the doctor a nutritionist, to the strict diet is not necessarily suitable for their own self. Well, if you want to try something different, consider the unique way to shrink the stomach without exercise and diet are the following :

1. Acupuncture.

 Alternative treatments like acupuncture is already rife. Ranging from acupuncture to beauty, treatment, until acupuncture for slimming has been found. Acupuncture itself is good for health because it can balance your body's organ systems so that the body will stay healthy. In doing acupuncture, there are two points which pierced the body, the first point of the desire to continue eating and the second is the point of metabolism. Acupuncture works to maintain the health of organs such as liver, spleen and stomach. Everyone is equal in acupuncture techniques and of course must be fully committed by the professional.


2. Massage. 

Almost everyone loves a traditional medicine. Ranging from teenagers to adults, men and women like massage. Massage can make blood circulation and oxygen to be smooth. In addition massage can help the circulation of oxygen and nutrients between blood and tissue cells in the body so as to restore and strengthen muscles. With the massage will certainly minimize the deposition of fat in the body and with an emphasis on certain points can encourage weight loss.


3. Laughing.

Do you believe laughing can be able to shrink stomach? That sounds pretty unique way, but laughing is proven to help burn fat and calories in the stomach because of the stimulus provided by the abdominal muscles when we're laughing. The other effect when the laugh is that it can soothe the nerves and of course make our hearts to be happy.

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