How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster for Men

It may seem that hair growth tips for women can be more easily found when compare to men. However, men are actually the ones that are more desperately in need of such information than the fairer gender. As men are more prone to hair loss problems, which may either due to hereditary or hormonal reason like excessive level of DHT in them.
So if you are one of the guys who require fast hair growth, read on as I will cover on a few simple yet easy tips for you.

Men's  hairs are usually very easy to maintain as they do not really spend a lot of time styling their hair with tools or products, and they are not really picky about the type of hair care products they put on their head. However, this neglect of hair care in long term may cause you to lose your precious crown. So in order to maintain healthy hair growth, you have to adopt proper hair care regime and eliminated any tread that may slow down the growth or contribute to hair loss.

Develop Healthy Hair Washing Routine

Keep your hair clean and hygienic by removing any unwanted buildup, dead skin and excess oil on the scalp through shampooing. However, there are some factors you need to take note of before proceeding to wash your hair.

 Limit the number of Hair Wash.

 The number of wash you need per week is closely related to the type of hair you have. If you have a dry texture hair, limit the amount of hair washing to a maximum of two times a week. This will prevent your hair from losing too much moisture and have enough time for it to rehydrate.

However, men with oily hair should have more regular hair wash to remove the excess oil build up on their scalp.

 Avoid Washing Your Hair in Hot Water.

 Never use water that is too hot when washing your hair. It may cause harm and strip the color off your hair. Lukewarm and cold water in normal temperature are more beneficial as they help to retain the luster in the hair.

 Use Good Quality Shampoo and Conditioner.

Always make sure that you are using the right shampoo for your hair type. Shampoo for dry hair usually contains natural oil which helps to replenish the moisture that is lost during shampooing. On the other hand, shampoo for oily hair has strong chemicals that aid in the removal of any excessive oil on the scalp, and it will lead to dryness when used on normal to dry hair.

Shampoos are made for different hair types and needs; therefore they contain a great variety of ingredients to satisfy those demands. So knowing what ingredients are in your shampoos and conditioners will definitely benefit you. For instant, sodium laurel Sulfate is a common ingredient used in the shampoo to create the foaming effect and removing of oil buildup. But if you are suffering from certain hair condition or having a sensitive scalp, it can actually cause you more harm than good. So ensure to use shampoos which contained ingredients like hair growth vitamins and minerals to increase the speed of hair growth. And in this example, a sulfate free shampoo would be a perfect choice.

And remember to always finish it off with a good conditioner that helps to moisturize your hair, making them feeling soft and manageable.

Trim Your Hair Regularly.

Trimming your hair not only keeps it in style and manageable but also help to remove any damage hair that might spread and causes even serious problems. A trip to the barber every six weeks would effectively remove any split ends which are impossible to be repair.

 Uncovered Your Hair.

Wearing a cap or a hat help to provide shade and protection from the sun, which also give a great sense of fashion. However, wearing them for a long period of time may lead to the slowing down of hair growth. The reason behind this is because fiction is created when the cap or hat rub against the scalp and the tightness of the cap will add pressure to the scalp, hampering the blood circulation which might lead to blockage at the hair follicles. But if you can leave home without a cap, just make sure it is loose fitting and avoid long period of wearing. 

 Don't Over Comb Your Hair.

Another valuable tip is to avoid excessive combing of hair, especially when they are wet. It is because wet hair tends to be weaker and is prone to breakage. Just pat dry and comb only when needed.

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